A never before posted pic of my “bounty hunter” version of Vince, and a re-share of his first 5 expressions for those new to watching me. This is my last post in the "WIN A VINCE KIT CONTEST" I’ll leave the contest up and running until tomorrow morning around 8am my time (US eastern time) then im going to begin the rather large task of gathering and printing out all the names of all who entered for the drawing.

   Remember, I’ll be announcing the winner on the 25th of June (next week)

   Thanks to everyone who shared Vince and huge thanks to everyone who liked/shared everything else! :-D  I work fairly isolated and its always a BIG morale boots when i see others take an interest in the unusual work i do.

  thanks again all! :-)





Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


Holy shit, Anthony Weiner actually said something important.

Let’s see how many followers stop after I post this.

Couldn’t agree more. Six years of republicans saying they want the country to fail and have the failure blamed on the president so they can regain power. Read the book:

"What’s the Matter with Kansas?"